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At Maine Balsam Fir, our goal has always been to combine available natural materials with ingenuity, enthusiasm and a contagious love of life in a unique way in which we can share what is special about our place on this planet. Our beautiful balsam fir products allow us this bridge to the world!

Thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy your stay and come back often! If you’d like to talk with us, use our toll-free number below. If you’d like a copy of our catalog call or email us and we’ll get it right out straight away. We hope the sweet, spicy and woodsy aroma of our balsam pillows spreads warm friendship throughout your life!

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Our Latest Reviews:

“I’ve had other balsam pillows like this in the past but yours holds the fragrance so well and brings back memories of childhood Christmas’s like none other! Thank you!!”

“I adore the pillow my son bought at the Fair in Maine last month- and I want to get more! Where can I order some? I have the one and only squirrel pillow   I’m in a wee bit of heaven with it! 

“Just wanted to say how touched I was to receive one of your Balsam Pillows. It was so very thoughtful of you to bless me with your gift. Thank You!”

“I have dealt with them and always nice people! I would love to visit the place! It smells so good and the owners are great people.”


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